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I am passionate about health and sharing what I have gathered from over 40 years of interest and 5 years of training as a nutritionist.

It is this knowledge and the constantly current research that I use when I get to help people today.

Health is extremely important if we are to be able to be efficient and have the strength to do what we want in this world.

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A cornerstone when it comes to health is having a good fatty acid balance. By analyzing the fatty acids, the fat is reflected in the food you eat. Studies on the blood fatty acid profile have been shown to have a strong link to our health status. A simple blood stain test is scientifically proven to be as accurate as a venous blood test for the analysis of fatty acids. I use Vita’s laboratory, with GMP standard. From the test you get to know;

  • The test shows 97% of all fatty acids and what protection they give the body in various health challenges
  • The fatty acids contribute to normal heart and brain function. Here you will find out what level you have for their optimal function.
  • Shows the balance between omega 6: 3 you have. It shows you what balance your diet has in the last 120 days. An unbalanced result can indicate various symptoms in the body, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint and muscle pain, migraines, allergies, asthma, digestive problems and more.
  • Shows how hard your cell membranes are. Hard cell membranes can make it more difficult for nutrients to be absorbed. It can cause symptoms such as fatigue and problems with blood sugar.
  • Shows your mental well-being, which gives an indication of how your brain is feeling. It can cause symptoms such as brain fatigue, brain fog. An optimal supply of EPA and especially DHA is important for memory and concentration.

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